Business Matchmaking

Connect with the people who matter!

Like many marketing investments, Participating in LOGMAT & WAREHOUSING SOUTH will gives your brand in a range of ways,

  • Adding credibility;

  • Increasing brand awareness; and

  • Distinguishing you from your competitors.

First-Class Location

In-Built AC Venue!

The sector meeting place takes place in the strongest economic area in Chennai, TamilNadu.

It is the perfect venue to showcase your products and innovations, located nearer to Airport & Railway Station.

Promotional opportunities

Announce your participation!

There are often a range of ways you can promote your company thorough LOGMAT & WAREHOUSING SOUTH;

  • Sponsorship adds credibility to your brand and builds brand awareness in high traffic areas such as entrances, registration areas and lounges;
  • Advertising in the show’s catalogue;
  • Product placement or sampling opportunities in show features or the show bag.


Reach more clients!

A customized e-mailer is sent out on a monthly basis to our entire database of over 35,000 trade buyers.

We can add your company e-mailer as a featured exhibitor offering you extra exposure amongst the people who matter.

Web Banners

Increased brand visibility!

Promote your company logo and your brand via a web banner either on the LOGMAT & WAREHOUSING SOUTH website or as part of your E-mailer’s.

Direct Mail

Value your customers!

We print and dispatch more than 45,000 visitor tickets to our extensive database.

You can also place your LOGO for these visitor invitations with us.

We encourage you to send them to your own client database, inviting them to visit your stand.