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16 - 18
Jul 2024
Landmark Center, Lagos,


With great excitement and anticipation, we extend a warm invitation to you for the launch edition of the one and only Logistics & Material Handling Exhibition – LOGMAT in Nigeria, scheduled to take place from 16 – 18, July, 2024 at Landmark Centre, Lagos. This exhibition serves as a nexus for industry leaders, innovators, and visionaries to converge, collaborate, and pave the way for a future where efficiency and sustainability define the narrative.

Nestled at the crossroads of West Africa, Nigeria stands as a beacon of economic potential, with its material handling sector emerging as a key player in the nation's growth story. As the demand for efficient and innovative logistics solutions escalates, investing in Nigeria's Logistics & Material handling industry promises not only financial returns but an opportunity to contribute significantly to the nation's industrial advancement.

Why Nigeria?

The logistics and supply chain sectors are one of the fastest growing industries in Nigeria, though still in need of development in several key areas. The value of Nigeria’s logistics sector was estimated to be $584 million.

Freight And Logistics Market size is estimated at USD 41.09 billion in 2023, and is expected to reach USD 58.64 billion by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 6.11%. The current growth in Nigeria’s logistics is due to infrastructure development in railways and airways, improvement in ties with other countries, development in manufacturing and export sectors, and the rise of e-commerce and logistics applications.

Technologies such as GPS tracking and control towers have started to gain traction in Nigeria, which poses an opportunity for companies with the competence and technical skillsets to close the gap in the market. Other upcoming projects include real-time fuel management systems, warehousing management systems, cargo management systems, and communication and information systems such as electronic data interchange (EDI)

Key Highlights

Participating in LOGMAT in Nigeria can offer several benefits for companies looking to expand their business, establish partnerships, and explore new opportunities in the region. Here are some reasons why participating in B2B trade fairs in Nigeria can be advantageous:

Economic Growth and Urbanization

Nigeria, being one of the largest economies in Africa, has experienced significant economic growth. Rapid urbanization has led to increased demand for efficient logistics and supply chain solutions.

Government Initiatives

The Nigerian government has been implementing initiatives to enhance logistics and supply chain infrastructure. Policies are being developed to attract investments, streamline customs procedures, and improve transportation networks.

Diversification of Industries

Given the diverse economy of Nigeria, the material handling industry serves a range of sectors including agriculture, manufacturing, and construction. Forklifts, conveyor systems, and other material handling equipment play a vital role in these industries.

Global Partnerships

Nigeria's participation in international trade and collaborations with global partners impact the logistics and supply chain industry. Trade agreements and partnerships can influence the efficiency of cross-border logistics.

Technology Adoption

There is a growing trend toward adopting technology in logistics operations. This includes the use of tracking systems, telematics, and warehouse management software to enhance efficiency and visibility.

Environmental Considerations

There is an increasing awareness of the environmental impact of logistics operations. Some companies are exploring sustainable practices and green logistics solutions.